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January 08, 2013

Top 25 M&A Deals of 2012

Who bought who last year? Find out here.

Top 25 M&A Deals of 2012

Big bucks were spent on M&As last year. Read on to find out which deal was worth the most. [© Ben Chams - Fotolia.com]

  • How do you feel when you hear the word “merger”? Some people hear a cashbox “cha-ching!” in their heads and ponder what new enhancements the buying company will add to the purchased company’s products; others cringe and wonder how much longer the lines at the unemployment office will get. Whether you jump for joy or quiver in terror at the thought of another M&A, you still want to know when they happen and which were the biggest ones—and that's where this list comes in.

    GEN has compiled a list of the top 25 merger and acquisition deals in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and molecular diagnostics that were completed or announced in 2012, as announced by the companies involved. Some deals include footnotes breaking down the components of the deal price, such as upfront and milestone payments. Premium is the percentage above the closing price on the last day a stock traded shares before the announcement of an M&A deal.

  • #25. YM Biosciences

    Acquired by: Gilead Sciences

    Price: $510 million

    Deal Announced: Dec. 12

    Premium: 81%

  • #24. Proximagen Group

    Acquired by: Upsher-Smith Laboratories

    Price: $573.8 million1

    Deal Completed: Aug. 14

    Premium: 16%

  • #23. Amdipharm

    Acquired by: Mercury Pharma

    Price: $591 million2

    Deal Announced: Oct. 15

    Premium: N/A

  • #22. Taro Pharmaceuticals

    Acquired by: Sun Pharmaceuticals

    Price: $600 million3

    Deal Announced: Aug. 13

    Premium: -3.6%

  • #21. Mustafa Nevzat Pharma

    Acquired by: Amgen

    Price: $700 million

    Deal Completed: June 12

    Premium: N/A

  • #20. EUSA Pharma

    Acquired by: Jazz Pharmaceuticals

    Price: $710 million4

    Deal Completed: June 12

    Premium: N/A

  • #19. Mercury Pharma

    Acquired by: Cinven

    Price: $748.7 million5

    Deal Completed: Sept. 3

    Premium: N/A

  • #18. Healthpoint Biotherapeutics

    Acquired by: Smith & Nephew

    Price: $782 million

    Deal Completed: Dec. 24

    Premium: N/A

  • #17. URL Pharma

    Acquired by: Takeda Pharmaceutical

    Price: $800 million6

    Deal Completed: June 4

    Premium: N/A

  • #16. Pronova BioPharma

    Acquired by: BASF

    Price: $868 million7

    Deal Announced: Nov. 217

    Premium: 24%

  • #15. One Lambda

    Acquired by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Price: $925 million

    Deal Completed: Sept. 13

    Premium: N/A

  • #14. Avila Therapeutics

    Acquired by: Celgene

    Price: $925 million8

    Deal Completed: March 8

    Premium: N/A

  • #13. Micromet

    Acquired by: Amgen

    Price: $1.16 billion

    Deal Completed: March 7

    Premium: 33%

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