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August 19, 2013

The Top 50 NIH-Funded Universities

Which schools earned the most funding this year?

The Top 50 NIH-Funded Universities

Last year’s edition of the NIH list only ranked the top 25 institutions. This year, we’re going up to 50. [© Sergey Nivens - Fotolia.com]

  • Below is a list of 50 universities, including medical schools, ranked by how much in NIH funding they have received during the current 2013 federal fiscal year through August 5 (FY 2012 ends on September 30) and the number of grant awards funded.

    This year’s list has been expanded from last year’s edition of the NIH list, which ranked the top 25 institutions. The expanded list makes evident several observations. One is the dominance of California institutions, driven by the success in winning NIH grants enjoyed by some of the largest schools in the University of California system. In all, six UC schools appear on this year’s list—UC San Francisco, UC San Diego, and UCLA, which all made the top 10; followed further down by UC Davis, UC Irvine, and UC Berkeley. Among the Golden State’s private institutions, Stanford University and University of Southern California (USC) placed in the list’s top half. Second-best state for winning NIH funds is Massachusetts.

    The list does not include research institutes or institutions primarily known for being teaching/research hospitals or clinical care centers that are not denoted by name as being part of university systems. As a result, the next largest concentration of ranked institutions on this list—NIH top-funded universities and medical schools—can be found in New York (5), followed by Massachusetts (4). Illinois and Texas each have three universities or med schools on the list.

    Research institutes, while receiving millions from NIH, aren’t on top of this list, most likely because they have less need for government funds since they can draw on other resources, whether it be gifts from the foundations that established them, or their own fundraising.

  • #17. Emory University

    FY 2013: $197,297,729 toward 470 awards

  • #16. University of Minnesota

    FY 2013: $203,999,952 toward 463 awards

  • #15. Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    FY 2013: $213,727,910 toward 588 awards

  • #14. Columbia University Health Sciences

    FY 2013: $242,390,695 toward 558 awards

  • #13. Stanford University

    FY 2013: $243,079,113 toward 610 awards

  • #12. Duke University

    FY 2013: $248,376,112 toward 555 awards

  • #11. Yale University

    FY 2013: $249,966,872 toward 671 awards

  • #10. University of California, Los Angeles

    FY 2013: $256,586,764 toward 615 awards

  • #9. Washington University

    FY 2013: $262,254,554 toward 664 awards

  • #8. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

    FY 2013: $269,225,577 toward 647 awards

  • #7. University of California, San Diego

    FY 2013: $290,436,804 toward 670 awards

  • #6. University of Pittsburgh

    FY 2013: $291,135,285 toward 749 awards

  • #5. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

    FY 2013: $306,481,422 toward 782 awards

  • #4. University of Pennsylvania

    FY 2013: $334,469,587 toward 821 awards

  • #3. University of Washington

    FY 2013: $336,840,040 toward 681 awards

  • #2. University of California-San Francisco

    FY 2013: $339,936,379 toward 853 awards

  • #1. Johns Hopkins University

    FY 2013: $418,940,258 toward 955 awards

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