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Best Science Apps: May 01, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 9)


<p> ChemWhiz offers basic functionalities to the researcher looking for a no-frills app to perform fast, in-lab calculations. The app includes three features. With the mass calculator, users enter a chemical formula and the app calculates the corresponding molar mass. Without a modified keyboard designed for chemical formulas, entering the formulas can be awkward; however, the app provides a handy sheet of examples to demonstrate the proper syntax. The conversions calculator allows users to convert between grams, moles, particles, or liters of a particular substance (defined by chemical formula). Finally, the elements section of the app provides a list of the atomic elements along with their atomic numbers and molar masses. The list format is ideal for a small-screen smart phone; as such, no actual Periodic Table is provided.</p>