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August 1, 2017 (Vol. 37 , No. 14)

Tangential-Flow Filters

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Spectrum Laboratories

The new Tangential Flow Depth Filtration (TFDF®) technology for bioreactor perfusion combines the advantages of tangential-flow filtration (TFF) and depth filtration. Similar to hollow-fiber TFF, with TFDF cells are pumped through the lumen of the fibers back into the bioreactor. Instead of the protein and cell debris forming a fouling gel layer on the inner diameter of the filter, the thick TFDF fiber wall works like a depth filter—trapping cell debris within the wall structure while allowing close to 100% passage of target protein. TFDF is compatible with microcarrier and suspension cell cultures and is scalable from 1.5-L to 2000-L bioreactors.

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