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July 1, 2017 (Vol. 37 , No. 13)

Synthetic Human Fab Fragment Library

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This fully synthetic antibody library, built using the COLIBRA™ DNA library synthesis method, takes advantage of the most up-to-date understanding of the human antibody repertoire. Combining massive sequence diversity and dispersity with high functionality and developability, it offers the most efficient route to therapeutic antibody lead identification. This library is offered in the industry standard phagemid display format to allow for immediate integration into existing workflows. Isogenica’s fully synthetic human Fab antibody fragment library takes advantage of data derived from the mass sequencing of natural repertoires and the structural resolution of antibody-antigen interactions. These data resources allow Isogenica’s designers to accommodate the local structural environment within variable domains when designing fragment libraries. This maximizes active functional diversity and minimizes post-translational liabilities.

  • Isogenica
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  • Chesterford Research Park
  • Little Chesterford, Essex , CB10 1XL UK

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