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July 1, 2017 (Vol. 37 , No. 13)

RNA Library Prep Kits

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New England BioLabs

The strand-specific NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep Kit and the nondirectional NEBNext Ultra II RNA Library Prep Kit are both designed for Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems. The kits are compatible with poly(A) mRNA isolation and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) depletion, and libraries can be constructed from a substantially broader input range (5 ng to 1 µg of total RNA) at high yields. Library complexity and transcript coverage are excellent, even at low-input amounts and when researchers are working with low-quality samples, such as formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) RNA. NEB’s protocols for constructing RNA libraries with Ultra II, including rRNA depletion or poly(A) mRNA enrichment, require less than 30 minutes hands-on time and can be finished in about 6 hours.

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