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August 1, 2017 (Vol. 37 , No. 14)

Real-Time PCR Data Analysis

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Bio-Rad Laboratories

Conventional real-time PCR software requires researchers to export their data into another software package for in-depth analysis. To streamline this process, Bio-Rad introduced the CFX Maestro software as a complete workflow solution for every step of real-time PCR data analysis. The software integrates statistical analysis, data visualization, and publication-ready graphics production in one platform. The program includes tools to support reference-gene selection, efficiency-corrected relative normalization, data visualization (e.g., bar charts, the ability to edit and annotate graphs), statistics (e.g., t-tests and one- and two-way ANOVA tests), and multiplate analysis. The intuitiveness of CFX Maestro starts from the beginning with assay design, where researchers can easily set up their plate and run conditions or use a predesigned PrimePCR™ plate and run files that automatically set up plate and run conditions.

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