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February 15, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 4)

Microvolume Spectrometer

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The Xpose is a microvolume spectrometer for high-speed quantification of one to 16 nucleic acid or protein samples. The full-color touch screen gives access to analytical software, including dye-free specific quantification of DNA, RNA, or protein in samples containing interfering components, using algorithms for UV/VIS spectral deconvolution. Full UV/VIS spectral optics are combined with the microfluidic properties of the Xpose slides for biomolecule quantification in volumes as low as 2 µL. The slides can also protect samples from evaporation, allowing preparation and storage of samples for up to two hours prior to read-out.

  • Trinean
  • Dulle Greitlaan 17/31 B
  • Gentbrugge , B-9050

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