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May 15, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 10)

Gas Chromatography Column Connection

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Agilent Technologies

Enhance column connections, prolong column life, and extend the inert flow path with leak-free GC column connections supplies. Users will see an improvement in GC flow-path integrity and experience longer periods of unattended operation. Laboratory personnel of all skill levels can create connections and execute advanced flow-path techniques, such as back-flush, retention gaps and column effluent switching. The new supplies include a self-tightening column nut, which eliminates the need for retightening after repeated thermal cycles (even after 100 hours at 350º C); low torque seal enables easy removal for ferrules. Column installation swaging tools for graphite and metal ferrules allow chromatographers to easily measure and install columns into GC inlets at consistent length, thus providing more reliable results.

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