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April 15, 2017 (Vol. 37 , No. 8)

Embryo Cell Culture Media

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Cell Guidance Systems

The new ETS-Embryo Medium helps make it possible to simulate major events in mouse embryo development without the use of eggs and sperm. This new media allowed researchers to study trophoblast and embryonic stem cells (ESCs), two of the earliest cell types to develop from the fertilized egg. They found that simply growing these two cells together leads to the development of structures termed ETS-Embryos, which strongly resemble mouse embryos in the days immediately following their implantation into the womb. Key to this success was development of “ETS-Embryo Medium” to culture the two stem cell types. The new media is available in convenient 25 mL (5 x 5 mL) or 100 mL pack sizes, along with a simple, easy-to-follow protocol.

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