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January 1, 2017 (Vol. 37 , No. 1)

ChIP without Protein-Specific Antibodies

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The new Tag-ChIP-IT® Kit addresses a commonly encountered issue when performing ChIP, the lack of available ChIP-grade antibodies to a target of interest. Since most epitope tags are not specifically designed for ChIP, they have a high and unpredictable failure rate. Tag-ChIP-IT utilizes a unique AM-tag (patent pending) designed specifically for ChIP consisting of a small, unstructured sequence that can be attached to any protein of interest. Furthermore, a high-specificity antibody to the tag for maximum pull-down efficiency during immunoprecipitation (IP) has been designed. Combined with optimized reagents and a streamlined protocol, this unique ChIP method enables researchers the ability to perform ChIP on any target without the need for target-specific antibodies. 

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