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April 15, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 8)

Bisulfite Conversion System

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The MethylEdge™ bisulfite system offers a method for performing bisulfite conversion and DNA clean-up while maintaining DNA integrity to provide intact, converted DNA for a range of sensitive applications. MethylEdge requires small amounts of input genomic DNA. Using conversion reagents, clean-up, and recovery methods, the system can convert DNA at 90 percent efficiency with low fragmentation. The resulting DNA is suitable for use in downstream applications such as PCR, array, or sequencing assays. The kit includes all reagents necessary to perform 50 bisulfite conversion reactions. All MethylEdge reagents can be stored at room temperature and require little preparation.

  • Promega
  • 2800 Woods Hollow Road
  • Madison WI, 53711

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