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February 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 4)

Biomolecular Imaging Systems

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Two new biomolecular imagers have been introduced, the Typhoon FLA 9500 for imaging of multifluorescent-, chemifluorescent-, radioisotope-labeled, and colorimetric samples, and the Typhoon FLA 7000 IP for the dedicated study of radioisotope-labeled samples. The Typhoon FLA 9500 is a high-throughput laser scanner suited to a multiuser environment. With a pixel resolution of up to 10 μm and a linear signal response over five orders of magnitude, the system provides quantitation in gels, blots, tissue sections, and arrays. The Typhoon 7000 IP is an entry-level scanner that enables high speed, sensitive detection, and quantitation of radioisotope-labeled samples. The model can scan over 10 image plates in an hour, generating 16-bit images at up to 25 μm pixel resolution using storage phosphor screen technology.

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