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April 15, 2017 (Vol. 37 , No. 8)

Bioassay for Improved Quality Control Testing

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Irvine Scientific

MEGA™ is a new mouse embryo assay that measures gene expression for quality control testing of raw materials used for the manufacture of media for in vitro fertilization (IVF). In studies, MEGA demonstrated increased ability to detect embryotoxic materials that could adversely affect embryo development. The mouse embryo assay (MEA) has been long used as the standard method of testing raw materials and components used in IVF media and assisted reproductive technologies (ART). MEGA employs a functional molecular biomarker to improve the detection of toxic media or any other environmental stress that may negatively impact early development. The assay measures both the early fluorescence intensity (EFI) and location of fluorescence produced by green fluorescent protein (GFP), which is expressed under the control of the Oct4 promoter. In recent studies, MEGA was able to detect toxicity at considerably lower levels than MEA.

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