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September 15, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 16)

Autoclavable Glass Bioreactor

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SmartGlass™ autoclavable 3L glass bioreactors for upstream cell culture and fermentation are designed to improve yield in both R&D and cGMP applications. They are also designed for ease of handling with regard to assembly/disassembly for cleaning, maintaining hygiene, ensuring process sterility, and reducing lost batches. Features include a larger cold finger for thermal control and to increase cooling capacity so that a single-wall vessel can be used for fermentation. The vessels are compatible with the manufacturer’s controllers and, with SmartAdapters, can be utilized with third-party controllers. The impeller design allows a high average mass transfer coefficient (kLa) and increases power transfer while reducing shear.

  • Finesse
  • 71 Daggett Dr.
  • San Jose CA, 95134

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