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March 15, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 6)

Adapter for Electronic Handheld Pipette

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Integra Biosciences

In combination with a Viaflo II electronic handheld pipette, the Viaflo Assist adapter can automate pipetting protocols while maintaining parameters such as tip immersion depth and pipetting angle. To use Viaflo Assist, one mounts the electronic pipette onto the pipette adapter, chooses a protocol, and presses the run button. The adapter obtains the protocol via Bluetooth from the electronic pipette and executes it. Viaflo Assist accommodates all Viaflo II multichannel pipettes (8-, 12-, and 16-channels), enabling pipetting throughout the volume range of 0.5–1,250 µL. The adapter/electronic pipette combination accommodates 6-well to 384-well standard or deep-well plates in landscape or portrait format.

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