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December 22, 2015

Microfluidics in the Life Sciences

A Data-Driven Picture of the Expanding and Evolving Microfluidics/Lab-on-a-Chip Field

Microfluidics in the Life Sciences

What are the drivers or “motivations” of microfluidics adoption in the life sciences? [iStock/© luchschen]

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Figure 1. Growth of the Microfluidics Space [Select Biosciences Industry Research]
Microfluidics, sometimes referred to as lab-on-a-chip (LOAC), is receiving a lot of attention given its wide array of potential applications Its appeal in life sciences is particularly penetrant and is the focus of this article There are numerous excellent reviews in the literature focusing on microfluidics from a technology perspective and outlining the scientific developments in this space; therefore this is the not the focus of this article Here we seek to frame some of the emerging themes in this space as it evolves, some emerging applications, and an outlook for the evolution of microfluidics/LOAC from end-user markets targeted in the life sciences space...

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