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September 15, Vol. 28, No. 16

  • Tutorials

    • Improving High-Res Mass Spec Formula ID
    • Don Kuehl
    • Mass spectrometry (MS) has become a fundamental tool for compound identification or confirmation by virtue of its ability to perform elemental composition determination (formula ID) by accurate mass measurements The speed, sensitivity, and ease of interfacing the technique with gas ... more »
    • Using Metabolomics in Biomarker Discovery
    • Walter Gall
    • Metabolomics is the most recent systems-biology approach to complement the genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic efforts to characterize an entire biological system Since metabolites represent the end products of the genome and proteome, metabolomics holds the promise of providing an integrated ... more »
    • mAb Capture from Unclarified Feedstock
    • Allan Lihme
      Rob Noel
    • The new age of disposable biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies offers greater operational flexibility and time and cost savings for multiproduct facilities—benefits that have seen a greater acceptance over the last few years The advantages of less cleaning and validation and greater ... more »