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August 1, Vol. 28, No. 14

  • Feature Articles

    • Advancing Gene Expression Studies
    • Lloyd Dunlap
    • The rapid progression of microarray technology was the focus of two recent conferences—Select Biosciences “Advances in Microarray Technology” held in Barcelona and the “World Microarray Congress” held in Vancouver Both events emphasized the exploration of gene expression through microarray technology ... more »
    • Is the U.K. Biotech Industry on the Skids?
    • Sue Pearson
    • If you listened to certain speakers at the recent ERBI “Cambridge Biopartnering Exchange,” it would seem as if the glory days of UK biotech are over Only Abcam, a Cambridge-based research antibody supply company, was held up as a example ... more »
    • Novel Approaches to Lead Optimization
    • Elizabeth Lipp
    • At CHI’s “World Pharmaceutical Congress” held recently in Philadelphia, there was no shortage of good ideas for ways to optimize the drug discovery pipeline From retrospective studies to ground-breaking methodologies, this topic elicited some lively discussion... more »
    • Protein Analysis Technologies Overview
    • Vicki Glaser
    • The QCMA1 system, which was launched earlier this year by Sierra Sensors, was one of many products on display at CHI’s “Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS)” QCMA1 is an automated, dual-sensor, label-free protein-analysis system capable of determining binding specificity, kinetics, affinity ... more »
    • Ancillary Analysis Tools for Microarrays
    • Sophia Fox
    • The Geniom® RT Analyzer, a new benchtop microarray processing instrument, was presented by febit at Select Bioscience’s “Advances in Microarray Technology” The platform complements Geniom® One, the company’s flagship microfluidic microarray system, and is designed to automate the hybridization and ... more »
    • Novel MS Systems Expedite Workflow
    • Gail Dutton
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific launched several new mass spec systems at the ASMS conference on “Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics” held recently in Denver The introductions upped the ante for high-end systems, added a new benchtop system to Thermo Fisher’s product ... more »
    • Batch Failure Rates in Biomanufacturing
    • Eric S. Langer
    • Batch failures in biopharmaceutical manufacturing are a huge concern due to the cost of the lost batch, the additional work required to clean contaminated equipment, and the delays associated with the lost batch The 5th Annual Report and Survey of ... more »
    • Antibody Processing Platforms Evolve
    • K. John Morrow Jr.
    • Upstream processing may be attracting a lot of attention lately due to breakthroughs in protein production levels, but there are plenty of downstream advances to report as well New approaches to antibody processing were front and center at the recent ... more »
    • Regulatory Pathways for Molecular Dx
    • Jeffrey N. Gibbs
    • Companies focusing on IVDs are regularly confronted with the need to make critical strategic decisions regarding how they commercialize their test The novelty of the technology and its intended use are just some of the factors that govern what kind ... more »
    • Strengthening the Biotechnician Workforce
    • John Sterling
    • The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) recently sponsored a conference “Educating Biotechnicians for Future Industry Needs,” to address the US bioindustry’s requirements for laboratory and manufacturing technicians over the next five years... more »
    • GEN Review BIO 2008: News from the Floor of BIO'...
    • During a discussion on biofuels in China, Carsten Lauridsen, director of R&D, Novozymes China, pointed out that Novozymes has been working with China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuff to develop biomass-based biofuels in that country Strengthening national energy security, improving ... more »