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October 15, Vol. 27, No. 18

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    • HPLC Column Provider Expands Focus
    • Carol Potera
    • Fasha Mahjoor, an architect, founded Phenomenex (wwwphenomenexcom) 25 years ago when architectural jobs were hard to come by His mission was to distribute chromatography columns that were manufactured by a chemist friend in the UK “Most companies start with a ... more »
    • Preparedness for Bioterrorism
    • Rae Burke
    • While less than a decade ago the concept of terrorism felt distant and like something that would never happen in America, 9/11 changed everything Still, when most of us think of terrorist attacks we think big: car bombs, airplane hijackings, ... more »
    • Ventana Says Its Is Worth More Than $3B
    • Querida Anderson
    • The battle between Roche (wwwrochecom) and Ventana Medical Systems (wwwventanamedcom) exemplifies the industry’s recognition of the value companion diagnostics add to a company’s business model Ventana holds tools that Roche would like to leverage for itself and particularly its majority-owned ... more »