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July 1, Vol. 27, No. 13

  • Feature Articles

    • Biomarket Trends: A Myriad of Approaches Fosters...
    • Steven Heffner
    • At first glance, drug discovery appears to be a straightforward process of screening compound candidates, optimizing leads, performing preclinical evaluations, and then, with these steps completed, beginning clinical trials The reality is not so neat These activities often overlap, merge, ... more »
    • Technote: Addressing Trace Protein Detection
    • David Hammond
    • A major limitation to the discovery of new therapeutics and unique biomarkers of disease is the ability to identify, purify, and characterize valuable trace proteins in the presence of highly abundant components present in complex samples such as plasma The ... more »
    • Magnetic Beads for Biomarker Discovery
    • Nina Flanagan
    • Protein biomarkers remains appealing to drug developers because of the promise of early elimination of ineffective or toxic compounds, improved target validation, and creation of cellular assays for drug discovery However, the difficulty and costs of characterizing and validating new ... more »
    • Whole Genome Amplification Strategies
    • Elizabeth Lipp
    • With drug pipelines needing a jump-start, many scientists are turning to long-forgotten samples in cold storage At Cambridge Healthtech’s recent “7th Annual GOT Summit” in Boston, the spotlight was on whole genome amplification as presenters examined some of the challenges ... more »
    • Increasing Capacity for GMP Peptides
    • Vicki Glaser
    • With an annual growth of greater than 15%, an increasing number of new projects, and a growing number of peptide drug candidates moving into late-stage clinical trials, the GMP peptides market remains strong Rising interest in therapeutic peptides among big ... more »
    • CROs Cut Costs for Biotechs
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • The pharmaceutical contract research market, worth $137 billion in 2006, is growing at an annual rate of 15%, according to a recent report from Biopharm Knowledge Publishing (wwwbiopharmknowledgecom) This is more than twice the growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry ... more »
    • Transforming Information into Knowledge
    • Gail Dutton
    • Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs), once the purview mainly of synthetic and medicinal chemists, are expanding in terms of applications and business value to become data portals and consolidation points for experiments throughout the enterprise In the process, they are providing ... more »
  • Columns

    • Biotech Business Model Thrives
    • J. Leslie Glick
    • Gary P Pisano’s contribution to the Point of View column in the April 15 issue of GEN argues that “… the business models of biotech have worked poorly because they were based on the wrong inferences about the science” I ... more »
    • Goodwin Biotechnology Expands to India
    • Carol Potera
    • Goodwin Biotechnology (wwwgoodwinbiocom) claims to be one of the oldest contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) of mAbs and recombinant proteins in the US In 2004, Wallace Pharmaceuticals (wwwwallacepharmacom) of Goa, India, acquired Goodwin Biotechnology, but the Florida facility has continued ... more »
    • Assessing the Life Sciences Tool Market
    • Arshad Ahmed
    • Among the flurry of M&A activity of life sciences tools players over the past several years, some fundamental questions remain: What is the health of the overall life sciences tools industry? Are participating companies well-positioned for sustainable and profitable growth? ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Multiplexed Gene-Expression Assays
    • William Radany
    • Multiplexed technologies such as High Throughput Genomics’ (HTG; wwwhtgenomicscom) quantitative nuclease protection assay (qNPA™) for measurement of gene expression address unmet needs in drug discovery and diagnostics Multiplexed assays mirror what is known about disease and drug mechanisms and offer ... more »
    • Assay: Achieving High-Throughput Mass Spec
    • Can Ozbal
    • The desire by drug discovery researchers to conduct ADME assays earlier in the development process has led to a demand for the analysis of larger numbers of samples Moreover, unlike the majority of assays commonly used in lead discovery and ... more »
    • Disposable Mixing System Applications
    • Annemarie Braun
      George Oulundsen
    • Biopharmaceutical companies are increasingly making the switch from stainless steel systems to disposable technologies The reasons for this change are clear: lower risk of contamination, reduced cleaning and validation requirements, and increased flexibility in multiproduct facilities and biotech start-ups... more »