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March 1, Vol. 27, No. 5

  • Feature Articles

    • Company Update: Advaxis Explores New Cancer Vacc...
    • Animals have evolved immune systems to protect themselves from foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, not from endogenous diseases like cancer Recently, the discovery that disease immunity might be recruited to fight cancer cells as they mutate from self to ... more »
    • Supplement Article: RT-PCR Enters the Realm of ...
    • With the introduction of fluorogenic probes and fluorometric thermal cyclers that enable the monitoring of amplification reactions in real time, the sensitivity and precision of gene expression analyses has improved dramatically Utilizing these assays, often called quantitative or real-time RT-PCR, ... more »
    • qPCR Methods Are Continuing to Evolve
    • Nina Flanagan
    • Although quantitative PCR has been available for many years, companies are still developing methods to enhance it Many of these methods will be showcased at the upcoming Cambridge HealthTech “quantitative PCR” conference to be held in San Diego Several presentations ... more »
    • Novel Methodologies Allow Greater Accessibility ...
    • Nicholas Rose
    • Currently, real-time PCR is one of the most important techniques used in genomic analysis The data it provides can be invaluable to determining disease mechanisms and discovering ways to target these diseases Two new products, StepOne™ from Applied Biosystems (wwwappliedbiosystemscom) ... more »
    • Strategic Protein Production
    • K. John Morrow Jr.
    • At the recent Cambridge Healthtech “Peptalk Conference”, a range of topics related to protein expression and characterization were covered, but the event was notable for its discussion of various approaches to the optimization of biologic therapeutics... more »
    • Formulation: One Ingredient for Success
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Coming up with the right formulation of a drug—the final format, including ingredients—has always involved art as well as science For formulation determines a biotechnology candidate’s stability, shelf-life, distribution, dosing, bioavailability, market acceptance, and, in some cases, safety and efficacy... more »
    • China Pharma Basking In Its Spotlight
    • Eliza Zhou
    • China is clearly one of the bright spots in the global pharmaceutical marketplace With the world’s largest population and a rapidly growing economy, its pharmaceutical market is already ninth in the world Its expanding middle class and a population of ... more »
  • Columns

    • Labeling Cloned Food Is Unnecessary
    • Henry I. Miller, M.D.
    • If it’s true that developments in California are a harbinger of progress elsewhere in the nation, all of America is in big trouble Apparently subscribing to the philosophy that more regulation invariably makes us safer, legislators are enacting more and ... more »
    • Late-Stage Cancer Vaccines Set to Launch
    • Over the past few years, there has been a surge of interest in vaccines Market growth rates are forecasted at 20% per year over the next five years with the introduction of HPV, influenza, rotavirus, shingles, and meningitis products R&D ... more »
    • Nanoxis Focuses on Membrane Proteins
    • Sophia Fox
    • Nanoxis (wwwnanoxiscom), a Swedish biotechnology company working on developing tools for the study and analysis of membrane proteins, launched its first commercial product for membrane protein sample preparation Developed for use in the characterization and identification of membrane proteins ... more »