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January 1, Vol. 27, No. 1

  • Feature Articles

    • BioMarket Trends: DNA Sequencing
    • Jonathan Witonsky
    • The legacy of the Human Genome Project and succeeding comparative genome sequencing efforts have left DNA sequencing synonymous with large-scale de novo genome sequencing, as far as the general public is concerned However, in reality, the sequencing market encompasses a ... more »
    • Reconstructing the Drug Discovery Pipeline
    • Elizabeth Lipp
    • Scientists constantly push the frontiers of knowledge For every question answered, there are at least a dozen more questions At the recent IBC “Assay and Cellular Conference” in Las Vegas, scientists convened to assess the state of target identification and ... more »
    • Changing Game Plan for Protein Profiling
    • Nina Flanagan
    • The future of protein-based therapeutics is based on technologies to provide accurate and robust analysis, however protein profiling remains a major challenge in drug discovery and development Protein characterization is among the topics to be discussed at the upcoming Cambridge ... more »
    • Serum for Cell Culture Out, Stem Cells In
    • Vicki Glaser
    • Summing up the resounding cell culture industry view, Bruce Lehr, director of marketing at SAFC Biosciences (wwwsigmaaldrichcom), says “the trend is continuing to take serum out of industrial processes” That trend continues to push further up the pipeline, with a ... more »
    • Offshoring R&D Activity
    • Vicki Glaser
    • The underlying theme throughout a series of discussions at a session on outsourcing drug discovery and clinical development programs to Asia at the recent “Biotech 2006 NJ/PA” symposium was the immediate need for innovative solutions to reduce the cost and ... more »
    • What the New Congress Spells for Biotech
    • Gail Dutton
    • Industrial biotech also is likely to prosper, given the impetus to develop biobased fuels US automakers are interested in increasing the supply of alternative-fuel vehicles, provided they have a guarantee of adequate fuel supplies BIO says ethanol production in the ... more »
    • Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Options
    • Sue Pearson
    • Safety and quality of life are becoming more important to patients, and because of this the field of therapeutic cancer vaccines should be moving a lot faster than it is, said Jean-Yves Bonnefoy, PhD, vp R&D, Transgene (wwwtransgenefr) at the ... more »
  • Columns

    • Better Science Means Safer Food
    • Henry I. Miller, M.D.
    • During the past several months, there have been two high-profile outbreaks of E coli-related illnesses traced to spinach and lettuce, respectively The current tally is three deaths and approximately 300 illnesses nationwide These kinds of incidents are ordinarily investigated by ... more »
    • Biotech's Changing Competitive Landscape
    • Viren Mehta
    • Biotechnology companies, especially those profitable today, face a coming decade that may be even more painful than the past decade was for global pharma, when many saw their valuations cut in half, not to mention all the restructurings and management ... more »
    • SAFC Biosciences Expands Production
    • Carol Potera
    • Some rooms in SAFC Biosciences’ (wwwsafcbiosciencescom) dry powder media manufacturing facility in Lenexa, KS, are named in honor of pioneers of cell culture media This tradition of perfecting cell culture media lives on at SAFC Biosciences, created when Sigma-Aldrich (wwwsialcom) ... more »