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September 15, Vol. 26, No. 16

  • Feature Articles

    • Company Update: ApoLife Touts Yeast-Based Expres...
    • All currently marketed therapeutic Mabs are produced in mammalian cell cultures, a process that is prohibitively expensive for large-scale production ApoLife (wwwapolifecom) has perfected an alternative system that uses baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to make low-cost, high-volume recombinant proteins and ... more »
    • BioMarket Trends: Biosensor Markets Outperform E...
    • In August 2002, Kalorama Information published the first edition of a report called “Medical and Biological Sensors and Sensor Systems: Markets, Applications and Competitors Worldwide” Kalorama projected that the world biosensor market in 2005 would be near $23 billion Revisiting ... more »
    • European Biotechs Face a Funding Crisis
    • Over the past four years, European public markets have focused on floating companies with compounds in Phase II or III Indeed, a large number of venture capital firms will not even go near a biotech company without a Phase II ... more »
    • Biomolecular Screening Technologies
    • Biomolecular screening broadly encompasses biological and biochemical screening approaches in the quest to find new drugs It typically involves the use of cells, chemistry, genomics, and proteomics in one or many aspects of the screening assay Biomolecular screening can be ... more »
    • Maximizing Cell-Based Imaging Results
    • In the continuing quest to optimize drug discovery, cells and their interaction with media have become the natural focus of assays that can more accurately predict the behavior of the whole organism in response to an agent Proteomics and contextual ... more »
    • Bioprocess Simulations Gain Traction
    • Gail Dutton
    • Bioprocessing simulations are gaining traction and sophistication in the biotech industry Long a standard in other industries, “simulations are becoming requirements for all major design, construction, and de-bottlenecking projects,” according to Demetri Petrides, PhD, CEO, Intelligen (wwwintelligencom)... more »
    • Systematic Approach to Optimizing HPLC
    • Gail Dutton
    • How do you choose the best, most efficient HPLC method when outcomes are affected by every variation to the methodology? The answer, according to researchers at the recent “HPLC 2006” conference in San Francisco, is to develop a systematic approach ... more »
    • Slow Adoption of PAT for Bioprocessing
    • Adoption of the FDA’s Process Analytical Technology (PAT) guidance and implementation of PAT throughout the pharma/biotech industry on the small molecule side has been quite good, “but progress in large molecular development has been much slower,” says Rick Cooley, manager ... more »
    • Driving Standards in Single-Use Disposables
    • Sometimes a technology is so obviously the right thing that it is hard to remember what it was like before the technology emerged Single-use disposables for the bioprocessing industry is one such technology; the bioprocessing industry immediately recognized how disposables ... more »
  • Columns

    • ExSAR Focuses on Discovery & Optimization
    • The mass spectrometry platform developed by ExSAR (wwwexsarcom) reveals the conformational dynamics, or flexibility, of protein structures in solution at high resolution Because the technology can detect small changes in protein structure, it is ideal for identifying drug-binding sites on ... more »
    • Preclinical R&D Investment Is Crucial to Long-Te...
    • In the 30 years since the founding of the first biotechnology company, the industry has evolved from focusing on research and innovating technology to commercializing products Two significant drivers in this industrial transformation have been the premium placed by investors ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Minimizing Off-Target Effects in Transfection
    • Transfection is a method used to introduce nucleic acids into mammalian and insect cells This technique has been used for a wide variety of applications involving protein expression and/or gene analysis The introduction of a specific gene into cells can ... more »
    • LOH and DNA Copy Number Changes
    • The beginnings of personalized medicine have been forged by recent advances in SNP genotyping technologies It is now possible to accurately analyze over 600,000 SNPs across large patient sets, enabling powerful whole genome association studies A new application of whole ... more »
    • Overview of SmartFlow Tangential Flow Filtration
    • Advances in fermentation and cell culture techniques have greatly increased the titers of target proteins in culture fluid This increase in upstream efficiency has led to a bottleneck in downstream processing at the cell-harvest stage Scale up of current tangential ... more »