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March 15, Vol. 26, No. 6

  • Feature Articles

    • Solutions for Cell-Focused Applications
    • Sophia Fox
    • Genetix (wwwgenetixcom) CloneSelectImager represents the latest innovation by a company that has, since the early 1990s, specialized in developing innovative automated solutions for research in genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, and now, cell biology... more »
    • Benefits of Structure-Based Drug Design
    • Structure-based drug designers identify and optimize small molecules that affect the activity of target proteins, such as kinases, by understanding and modeling 3-D molecular interactions Techniques have improved significantly, and those like x-ray crystallography, NMR, and computational modeling are now ... more »
    • Assays for Cell Proliferation Studies
    • Assays to assess the proliferative activity of cells grown in culture or harvested from tissue samples are a core tool for monitoring the health and growth rate of a cell population Historically, cell proliferation assays relied on the detection of ... more »
    • Biomarker Detection & Measurement
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • Biomarkers are increasingly recognized for their potential not only as biologic harbingers that provide early warnings of disease but also biochemical monitors of patient responses to therapies However, the field is hampered by a lack of reliable, quantifiable, easily measured ... more »
    • Tissue Microarrays Reach New Markets
    • Researchers are beginning to look at tissue microarrays (TMA) from different perspectives, including one with a strong emphasis on potential clinical applications There is also a great deal of interest in enhancing RNA sample quality and developing high-throughput analysis of ... more »
    • CMOs Find Opportunities in Biologics
    • The first attempts to use monoclonals (Mabs) as antitumor agents in the 1980s did not live up to expectations The recent success of improved therapeutic Mabs, such as Rituxan for cancer and Remicade for arthritis, are proving clinically effective and ... more »
    • Multiproduct Manufacturing Facilities
    • Many CMOs across Europe are spreading their investment risk by building multiproduct manufacturing facilities Such plants face issues that monoproduction ones dont, including the risk of cross contamination from the product mix in manufacture or left after change-over and cleaning ... more »
  • Columns

    • Implications of Faith-Based Science
    • Pressure is mounting to install faith-based beliefs into science classrooms This movement subverts the very foundation of science—a search for the truthand turns science curricula into religious education In schools and courts, religious crusaders equate faith-based beliefs with scientific theories, ... more »
    • The FDA and Follow-On Biologics
    • Debate regarding follow-on biologics and how the FDA will regulate them continues to rage in the halls of Washington and in the boardrooms of biologics manufacturers But what are the legal issues surrounding follow-on biologics, and what is the likely ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Assay: Quantitative Multiplex Immunoassays
    • Simultaneous analytical measurement of multiple protein biomarkers continues to hold promise in the identification of molecular signatures that may impact research applications, ranging from translational medicine to prognostic advancements, as well as early decision-making tools in drug discovery Unfortunately, development ... more »
    • Improving Protein Interaction Analysis
    • Proteins and their many interactions play a crucial role in biological systems Detailed characterization of these interactions is important to uncover disease processes and develop therapeutic products... more »
    • Integrating Chirality into Manufacturing
    • The recognition of chirality in bioactive molecules is as old as modern organic chemistry itself Pioneering work by Jean-Baptiste Biot, Louis Pasteur, Emil Fischer, and J vant Hoff established chirality as an intrinsic property of molecules... more »