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January 15, Vol. 26, No. 2

  • Feature Articles

    • DeveloGen Tackles Metabolic Disorders
    • Sophia Fox
    • German biopharmaceutical company DeveloGen (www develogencom) initiated European Phase III trials with its lead diabetes immunotherapy product, DiaPep277The company also recently presented positive results from two Phase II trials of DiaPep277 in type 1 diabetes patients... more »
    • Improving Stability While Adding Value
    • Angelo DePalma
    • While pharmaceutical formulations have always been part science, part art, the complexity of todays drugs has shifted the balance toward the former Aided by analytic tools that detect subtle changes in proteins over time, biomanufacturers employ rigorous science to create ... more »
    • Development of Stem Cell Technologies
    • Despite rapid advances in life science research, the bioindustry has been plagued by a slowdown in new drug, biologic, and medical device applications Indeed, the FDA addressed this issue two years ago with the release of a white paper entitled ... more »
    • New Biomolecules for Cancer Treatment
    • At the recent 9th European Biotech Crossroads meeting in Lille, France, Nigel Courtenay-Luck, PhD, CSO of Antisoma (wwwanti somacom), presented encouraging safety data from a Phase I study of a new type of biomolecule known as an aptamer... more »
    • French Biotech on the Upturn
    • There was a new mood of optimism about French biotech at the recent 9th European Biotech Crossroads meeting in Lille The reason was that France recently had its first biotech IPOs since 1999 with the float on Euronext of ExonHit ... more »
  • Columns

    • Steps for Preventing the Misuse of Biological Re...
    • The misuse of biological research is increasingly becoming a prominent policy concern In addition to the biosafety and biosecurity regulations currently in place to oversee biological research, it is now argued that measures are also needed to prevent the techniques ... more »
    • Corporate Partnering Status Report
    • Corporate Partnering is the creation of a contractual (almost joint venture) relationship between an innovator company, with respect to its compound, drug, or technology, and another company with cash or operational resources that can be deployed to mutual advantagea fancy ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Proteomics-Based Biomarker & Drug Discovery
    • The discovery of novel protein biomarkers will revolutionize the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, but, in addition, upstream of the clinical arena, protein biomarkers have the potential to accelerate and refine the drug discovery process... more »
    • Assay: Protein Microarrays on Nitrocellulose Sli...
    • Protein microarrays offer the ability to measure protein expression and antibody binding in a high-throughput and miniaturized manner DNA microarrays (cDNA or oligos) have become commonplace and instrumentation is available to automate the workflow process of production, hybridization, and image ... more »