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September 15, Vol. 25, No. 16

  • Feature Articles

    • Applying Mass Spec Tools in Proteomics
    • The upcoming Mars mission in 2009 will carry mass spectrometry equipment, explained Firouz Naderi, PhD, of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a plenary address at the 53rd ASMS Mass Conference in San Antonio... more »
    • Biomolecular Screening Technologies Advance
    • The Society for Biomolecular Screenings annual conference, held earlier this week in Geneva, focused on advances in high throughput screening technologies with an emphasis on cell-based assays These are becoming more important in early drug discovery, and many companies presented ... more »
    • Flanders' Biotech Sector Comes of Age
    • Two IPOs in May and June 2005 of Belgian biotechs, DevGen (Ghent) and Galapagos Genomics (Mechelen), which raised E30 million and E20 million, respectively, may be considered a bellwether of a rapidly growing Belgian biotech industry... more »
    • Microarrays for Model Organism Systems
    • Nature uses a common framework when building organisms as different as yeast, worms, fruit flies, mice, and humans This makes it possible for scientists to learn about how our own genes work by studying what similar genes do in tiny, ... more »
  • Columns

    • Science and Democracy in Europe and the United S...
    • In May 2003, the US and several cooperating countries filed a case at the World Trade Organization against the European Unions illegal, non-science-based moratorium on biotech food and crops, which was harmful to agriculture and the developing world... more »
    • Patent Law in India Focuses Strongly on R&D
    • The Patents (Amendment) Act 2005 was ratified by the Indian Parliament in April, and is effective from January 1 This amendment is the third to the Indian Patent Act of 1970 It also replaces the Patents (Amendment) Ordinance 2004, which ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Novel Tests Based on Genomic Markers
    • Discovery of small combinations of DNA or RNA markers to develop predictive tests poses a significant challenge And yet, there is a growing need to address both the discovery of markers and deployment of new genomic tests to gain solid ... more »
    • Casting a New Light on GPCR Targets
    • The most important class of drug discovery targets today is undoubtedly the class of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) These receptors account for more than 30% of all targets currently under investigation by the pharmaceutical industry, and this percentage is increasing... more »
    • Lyophilization: Growing with Biotechnology
    • Lyophilization is a complex operation used to prepare stable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products through freeze-drying During lyophilization, the water fraction of the product is reduced to approximately 3% by weight through a combination of sublimation (the primary drying process) and ... more »