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May 15, Vol. 36, No. 10

  • Feature Articles

    • RNAi Silent, RNAi Deep
    • Richard A. Stein
    • Initially observed in plants and the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans , and subsequently in all major eukaryotic species, RNA interference (RNAi) has been recognized as a post-translational mechanism for the silencing of specific genes RNAi is instigated by double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) ... more »
    • Rising Liquid Biopsy Tide Lifts Cancer Dx
    • Ian Clift
    • As molecular diagnostics for oncology shifts into clinical practice, efforts have not only focused on genotyping patient-specific tumors to initiate targeted therapies, but on early detection, availability, improved quality control, and refined workflow... more »
    • Tapping the Metabolome
    • MaryAnn Labant
    • Metabolomics, the comprehensive evaluation of the products of cellular processes, can provide new findings and insight in a vast array of diseases and dysfunctions Though promising, metabolomics lacks the standing of genomics or proteomics It is, in a manner of ... more »