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January 1, Vol. 25, No. 1

  • Feature Articles

    • Vioxx and Celebrex Bring Heat to the FDA
    • Gail Dutton
    • The FDA remains firm that it did nothing wrong in its post-marketing review of Vioxx Critics are equally adamant, citing a systemic failure within the FDA that allowed a medication to remain on the market despite studies indicating the need ... more »
    • U.K. to Push Bioprocessing to Forefront
    • Susan Aldridge, Ph.D.
    • The first UK bioprocessing forum ("BioProcess UK"), which took place in Newcastle recently, united academia and industry with the joint aims of building up a community, defining priorities, and setting national strategy The Forum emerged from the recent BIGT (Bioscience ... more »
    • Obtaining High-Quality Protein Crystals
    • There are an estimated one million different protein molecules expressed by the human genome, representing a plethora of potential new drug targets Crystallography provides a way to "look" at the arrangement of atoms inside of proteins, determining their structure and ... more »
    • Druggability: Prime Real Estate of the Genome
    • There are numerous steps between the mapping of the genome and the development of a drug for a particular disease Someone must sift through the data, identify potential target genes, screen and validate those targets, then find compounds which antagonize ... more »
    • Progress in Vaccine and Gene Therapy Strategies
    • The flu vaccine shortage plaguing the US this year has drawn considerable media attention, public criticism, and finger-pointing, yet the fact remains that with the 2005 flu season approaching its peak, new flu vaccine producers, novel and cost-effective methods of ... more »