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April 1, Vol. 25, No. 7

  • Feature Articles

    • U.S. HUPO Symposium Focuses on Proteomics
    • In the quest to unravel the mysterious behavior of proteins, scientists gathered to exchange information at the first annual "US Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) Symposium," held March 13-16 in Washington, DC The topics ranged from protein profiling and mapping to ... more »
    • Chemical Genomics Facilitates Finding Targets
    • Mary Addonizio
    • Chemical genomics, using small molecules to elucidate gene, protein, and pathway functions, in a cellular context, by modulating activity of gene products, whether known molecular targets or gene products of unknown identity, is a powerful method for target validation and ... more »
    • Trends in Viral Validation
    • Gail Dutton
    • Amidst a shortage of new, robust viral clearance and validation technology, scientists are debating the relative advantages of viral inactivation versus viral clearance, and are considering new approaches to filter retention and new orthogonal clearance methods that may combine the ... more »
    • Michigan Life Sciences Industry Extends Roots
    • Even before the automobile industry made Michigan famous, chemical and drug pioneers set up shop in the state In 1898, Herbert Dow began making bleach in Midland, and by 1916, Dow also produced acetylsalicyclic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin ... more »
    • Biotechs Focus on Critical Medical Needs
    • Biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies were among the 230 small-cap growth companies that offered insights into their up-and-coming technologies at a conference sponsored by Roth Capital Partners (wwwrothcpcom)... more »
  • Columns

    • Reducing Risk with
    • As the pharmaceutical industry continues to experience regulatory troubles, lackluster returns, and other setbacks, some disappointed investors may be shifting their focus from pharmaceutical companies to biotechnology companies... more »
    • Can a Strong Patent Position Be Illegal?
    • Antitrust laws prohibit so-called tying arrangements whereby a first product, service, or technology is bundled and sold together with a second, generally one which is less desirable or which is also available from competitors... more »