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April 1, Vol. 34, No. 7

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    • Affymetrix: More Than Microarrays
    • Gail Dutton
    • Affymetrix, best known for its pioneering work in commercializing microarrays for gene expression research since the early 1990s, has grown to become much more than a microarray innovator Through internal development and acquisitions, it now offers leading-edge technologies for multiplex ... more »
    • The Renaissance of Phenotypic Research
    • Oliver Leven
    • In the early days of pharmaceutical research, discoveries were often made by chance Take for example the discovery of penicillin by Fleming in the 1930s Fleming observed that a certain mold stopped the growth of bacteria, and chemists identified penicillin ... more »
    • Are Capacity Mismatches a Real Problem?
    • Since bioprocesses consist of discrete, successive unit operations, relatively slow steps could cause holdups or bottlenecks This fact, in light of upstream efficiency improvements, has given rise to the notion of “capacity mismatch” between cell culture and purification—the consequence, if ... more »