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September 15, Vol. 33, No. 16

  • Feature Articles

    • Progress in Protein Expression Technology
    • Richard A. Stein
    • Advances in DNA biology, particularly those of the past three decades, catalyzed the emergence and expansion of experimental approaches to manipulate gene expression Subsequently, these advances impacted protein science, a field that found itself increasingly positioned at the juncture of ... more »
    • Designing and Managing Modern Biobanks
    • Bishoy Morris Faltas, M.D.
    • The last decade has witnessed the rapid growth and expansion of biobanking In particular, researchers in genomics and personalized medicine are increasingly reliant on well-designed biobanks since annotated samples from patients with known histories are critical for correlating the biology ... more »
    • Novel 3D Cell Culture Systems
    • Vicki Glaser
    • To predict drug response or toxicity, the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly performing smaller-scale validation studies of experimental drug compounds in novel 3D cell culture models intended to mimic more closely the structure, activity, and extracellular environment of tissues in vivo... more »