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June 1, Vol. 31, No. 11

  • Feature Articles

    • Kinase Inhibitor Obstacles Falling
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • Protein kinases drive many critical cellular events including proliferation, metabolism, apoptosis, and differentiation They catalyze the transfer of the terminal phosphate from ATP to tyrosine, serine, or threonine residues of the kinase itself or another protein substrate Therapeutic inhibition of ... more »
    • Epigenetics Redefining Cellular Reprogramming
    • Richard A. Stein
    • The mechanisms that ensure that cells from multicellular organisms are genetically homogenous, but structurally and functionally heterogeneous, represent one of the most intriguing areas in biology Increasing numbers of studies reveal that genetics alone cannot explain all aspects related to ... more »
    • GEN's 30th Anniversary: Molecular Cardiology
    • Until fairly recently, basic research and clinical studies on the heart almost exclusively relied on investigations involving anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology This was primarily the result of the types of technologies available With the advent of the biotechnology revolution, the ... more »
    • Versatility of HPLC Sets Technology Apart
    • K. John Morrow Jr.
    • When coupled with mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography forms a powerful technique with high sensitivity and selectivity The technology is especially relevant to the specific detection and identification of chemicals in complex mixtures, which will be confirmed by the studies reviewed ... more »
    • Streamlining Nucleic Acid Sample Prep
    • Josh P. Roberts
    • As budgets tighten, throughputs increase, and downstream protocols become more exacting, serious efforts are being made to make the most of nucleic acid sample preparation Whether it’s different devices to gather clinical or potential bioterror samples, innovative methods to enrich ... more »