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March 1, Vol. 30, No. 5

  • Feature Articles

    • Protein-Protein Interactions
    • James Netterwald, Ph.D.
    • If nature did not allow protein-protein interactions to occur inside living cells (and viruses), life as we know it would simply not exist Molecular biologists have long struggled with developing methods to study protein-protein interactions... more »
    • Ramping Up Technology Commercialization
    • Amy Spaisman
      Phyl Speser
    • Commercializing biotechnology is challenging Hurdles include, but are not limited to, securing funding, navigating the approval process, and managing technology risk These key barriers must be overcome or circumvented to achieve successful market entry This article will focus on two ... more »
    • qPCR Trends, Techniques, and Tools
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • The fast-paced, continually evolving field of quantitative PCR (qPCR) will be showcased at a CHI meeting in San Diego next month Presenters will describe cutting-edge methodologies and emerging technologies such as digital microfluidics, nanopore and single-molecule sequencing, and improved ways ... more »
    • Targeted Resequencing Improves Precision
    • K. John Morrow Jr.
    • Next month in San Diego, CHI will present “Now Generation Sequencing” in which discussions about targeted resequencing will be front and center This mixture of molecular biology and sophisticated computer analysis hones in on genomic regions of interest, interrogating multiple ... more »
    • Sidebar: Evaluation of Enrichment Technologies f...
    • Sophia Fox
    • Targeted sequencing has obvious potential in clinical diagnostics, particularly for complex disorders that may hinge on either one or a combination of up to perhaps hundreds of genes The approach, however,  requires enriched templates for sequencing on next-generation platforms... more »
    • PTMs Progress Toward Designer Proteins
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Of the essential post-translational modifications (PTMs) that proteins undergo before their synthesis is complete, glycosylation is arguably the best known The medical and economic significance of monoclonal antibodies and other glycoproteins has spurred a resurgence of interest in glycans, particularly ... more »
    • Oversight of Research Use Only Products
    • Jeffrey N. Gibbs
    • The FDA actively regulates medical devices intended for diagnostic use Diagnostic kits intended for diagnostic use face the full panoply of FDA regulation In sharp contrast, research use only (RUO) products are essentially unregulated In fact, although RUO products are ... more »
    • GEN's RNAi Cryptogram Decoded
    • A researcher at a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes cell culture media and molecular biology reagents has solved the first version of “GEN's Cryptogram Challenge: RNAi” It took him only 10 hours to come up with the answer: Wily ... more »