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October 1, Vol. 29, No. 17

  • Feature Articles

    • Advances in Quantitative Proteomics
    • Patricia Fitzpatrick Dimond
    • Quantitative proteomics currently encompasses a variety of techniques including differential labeling of separate protein mixtures; digestion of combined, labeled protein mixtures such as cell lysates with separation of resulting peptides via multidimensional LC; peptide analysis using tandem mass spectrometry; and ... more »
    • Contract Manufacturing Demand Remains Strong
    • Cindy Liu
      William Downey
    • The biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing (CMO) industry has experienced a significant improvement in the average expression levels for both mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation, according to the “Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing 2009: Expanding Markets, New Capacities and Improved Performance” report recently ... more »
    • Hong Kong Sees Opportunities with TCMs
    • Robert Yuan, Ph.D.
    • China factors heavily in the global strategies of many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies Multinationals have typically commenced operations in the country with marketing and production facilities and then expanded into research and clinical trials... more »
    • Novel Approaches Simplify Sample Prep
    • Elizabeth Lipp
    • The Knowledge Foundation’s “Sample Prep Symposium” held recently in Baltimore focused on the mundane but critical aspects of sample preparation including collection, concentration, lysis, target extraction, and transfer to analytical and identification tools “Sample prep remains a challenging area,” noted ... more »
    • New Assays Invigorate Biomarker Discovery
    • Catherine Shaffer
    • Biomarkers are rapidly gaining importance in biological research and drug discovery and development A biomarker, which is measurable by minimally invasive means, reveals important physiologic information about an organism Most people associate biomarkers with serum protein diagnostics Biomarkers can, however, ... more »
    • Laskers Honor Stem Cell & Cancer Research
    • The 2009 Lasker Awards, which were announced last month, have far-reaching implications for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, as companies seek to expand their research and development to fulfill the promise of stem cells Collaborations between academia and industry will ... more »