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November 1, Vol. 28, No. 19

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    • Quo Vadis Biofuels Projects?
    • Michael Koeris
    • Biofuels are at a crossroads The economy is spiraling downward and oil prices have dipped below $90 a barrel for the first time since October 2007—which doesn’t mean that oil is getting cheap again, just that a general contraction of ... more »
    • Preparing for a Shrinking Economic World
    • Daniel Ruppar
    • Much has been discussed in the last few weeks about how the current financial crisis gripping Wall Street will trickle down and affect other industries Clearly, the average American by now fully understands the danger of cheap debt—this is no ... more »
    • Biofuel Standards
    • The US lacks the policies needed to ensure that cellulosic biofuel production will not cause environmental harm, says a distinguished group of international scientists A paper published in the October 3 issue of Science urges decision makers to adopt standards ... more »
    • DNA Vaccines Meeting
    • The discovery, over a decade and a half ago, that genetically engineered DNA can be delivered as a genetically encoded immunogene into living animals and elicit an immune response, was the birth of the field of DNA vaccines Since that ... more »
    • New Multiplex Approach for Rapid Diagnostics
    • Eppendorf Biochip Systems is developing a technology called RAP™ (Real-time Array PCR) or RAP-ID™ that combines the advantages of qPCR and microarrays, ie, the multiplexing capabilities of microarrays with high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and potential for quantitative results typical ... more »