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August 1, Vol. 37, No. 14

Mass Spec Enzyme


MilliporeSigma’s advanced proteomics-grade SOLu-Trypsin is a solution-stable enzyme for mass spectrometry. Designed to be stable in solution when refrigerated, SOLu-Trypsin can be used immediately without preparation. Other forms of trypsin require thawing or reconstitution and...

Microencapsulation Droplet System

Dolomite Bio

The Telos® droplet system, designed for high throughput and easy scale up, provides scientists with excellent modular component process control system, and the ability to choose from a range of particle diameters between 10–50 µm on a si...

Monoclonal Antibodies

The Binding Site

The Binding Site has recently introduced new mAbs focused on infectious diseases, including CMV, hepatitis (A, B, C, and D), herpes, HIV, rubella, and toxoplasmosis. Availability of these products will enhance the needs of biopharmaceutical, clinical, and life-science researchers, along ...

Flow-Cytometry Pump

HNP Mikrosysteme

Hydrodynamic focusing of individual cells is achieved only with the aid of a continuous and precise sheath flow. The speed of the sheath flow determines the speed of the cells and must be constant. Even small deviations lead to measurement errors. Micro-annular gear ...

High-Performance Fume Hoods


UniFlow AireStream low-flow high-performance fume hoods feature an exclusive all-composite resin construction that is chemical-resistant, flame-retardant, lightweight, and meets UL 1805, SEFA 1, Ashrae 110, and ANSI Z9.5 standards. These hoods have a molded one-piece, seamless, composite...

Flow-Cytometry System

Cytek Biosciences

The new Aurora advanced flow-cytometry system enables a 20+ color capability, using three excitation lasers and 50 channels. An innovative system design, which includes excitation optics and compact semiconductor detector modules with high quantum efficiency, allows ...

Automated Imaging System

Molecular Devices

The ImageXpress® Nano Automated Imaging system allows researchers to access their system and data online with the browser-based CellReporterXpress software. The software comes preloaded with 25 different assay modules and simple, linear workflows. The Image...

High-Throughput Sample Processing

Integra Biosciences

The Viaflo 96/384 is an integral part of the new high-throughput biological sample collection and processing system. Once samples have been collected, the Viaflo 96 facilitates the processing of hundreds or thousands of samples per day using the autoMitra™ workflow. The Mitra d...

Tangential-Flow Filters

Spectrum Laboratories

The new Tangential Flow Depth Filtration (TFDF®) technology for bioreactor perfusion combines the advantages of tangential-flow filtration (TFF) and depth filtration. Similar to hollow-fiber TFF, with TFDF cells are pumped through the lumen of the fibers ba...

Real-Time PCR Data Analysis

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Conventional real-time PCR software requires researchers to export their data into another software package for in-depth analysis. To streamline this process, Bio-Rad introduced the CFX Maestro software as a complete workflow solution for every step of real-time PCR data analysis. The so...

Clinical Analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer brings together the ease of use of clinical analyzers with the selectivity and sensitivity of liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS). The innovative new analyzer is designed for use in a variety of settings and is ...

Membrane Chromatography Cassettes

Sartorius Stedim Biotech

The new Sartobind® cassettes offer the same flowpath, bed heights (4 and 8 mm), and void volume ratios as Sartobind capsules, and are compatible with Q, S, STIC PA, and phenyl ligands. The new design goes beyond the previous 5-L size limitation for capsule ...