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April 01, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 7)

Promega Biomath Calculators

  • Many different calculators, inclusion of formulas
  • None
Platform: iPad, iPhone, Android  
Cost: Free

Offering tools beyond the standard molarity or dilution calculators, the Promega Biomath Calculators app offers a total of thirteen calculators for the life scientist. The calculators are divided into DNA conversions (such as converting mass to moles, or calculating the nanograms of DNA insert required for a ligation), protein conversions (such as calculating protein size from a given length of coding DNA), and “other” calculators that include classics like molarity and dilution calculators, as well as a temperature converter and a tool to calculate the melting temperature of DNA oligos. A nice feature of this app that isn’t present in many other calculator apps is the inclusion of the actual formulas used for each of the calculations.

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