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December 01, 2013 (Vol. 33, No. 21)

Oligo Dilution Calculator

  • The oligo properties tool
  • App is fairly limited in scope
Platform: iPhone  
Cost: Free

It’s a fairly straightforward app, but the Oligo Dilution Calculator app by Eurofins MWG Operon does the job it sets out to do: help you dilute your primer stocks. The dilution calculator has users input the stock and final concentrations (with unit options of molar, millimolar, and micromolar) and the final volume (most likely to be in microliters). In return, the calculator returns a text description of how much of stock and water/buffer one must combine to get the desired working solution. In addition to the dilution calculator, the app includes a useful “properties” feature. This feature displays the reverse, complement, and reverse-complement sequences for a user-inputted oligo sequence. In addition, it calculates the GC content, melting temperature, and molecular weight, as well as a few other characteristics specific to the input sequence.

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