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May 01, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 9)

Microbiology Virtual Patients

  • Engaging care studies with many questions
  • Limited number of case studies
Platform: iPad/iPhone  
Cost: Free

Medical students will enjoy brushing up on their facts with the Microbiology Virtual Patients app by the University of Glasgow School of Medicine. The app’s format is a combination of quiz questions and video game, as the player navigates through a series of 10 microbiology-related case studies across various medical specialties. For each case study, the player is transported to a hospital setting and provided information about his/her patient via the ward nurse. Interspersed with the information are a series of multiple-choice questions testing the player’s medical knowledge. Importantly, each question is accompanied by an explanation of the correct answer, so it can actually be used as a learning tool. The cases are engaging—the only complaint players may have is that there aren’t enough of them. 

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