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April 01, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 7)


  • Customizable timers, multiple on display at once
  • No landscape mode
Platform: iPad/iPhone  
Cost: Free

Here is a handy little app that could forever make the lab-timer-worn-on-your-pants-pocket fashion statement obsolete. (But where’s the fun in that, really?) This app provides users with the ability to simultaneously set 16 (yes, 16!) timers, which would have to set a new world record for efficiency in lab… Each timer can be customized with a name (such as “restriction digest”), and the timer can be set to count up or down. In the countdown mode, the end time is also displayed beneath the timer. Four timers are displayed on the screen at a time. Unfortunately, the app is not compatible with landscape view mode. As each timer expires, an alarm goes off. The app is itself a nice idea, though its utility in the lab may suffer from the fact that researchers might not want to have to worry about removing their gloves to set timers on their precious iPads/iPhones.

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