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July 01, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 13)


  • Many display options, nice graphics
  • Nothing major
Platform: iPad, iPhone  
Cost: $0.99

3-D molecular structures are so much more fun to play with on an iPad/iPhone! Users of the iMolview app can, with their fingers, flip, twist, enlarge, or shrink the structure however they wish. The best part is that the quality graphics of the app can keep up—no lagging or loading times while you anxiously wait to zoom in for a closer look at your molecule of choice. Combining protein structures from the Protein Data Bank and drug structures from DrugBank, the app provides the user the option to search by either protein or drug name. Additionally, there are many ways to load PDB files: from a web server, downloaded from the NCBI webpage, or via iTunes. The app contains the usual display options for macromolecular structures, including line, ball and stick, and space-filling models. Multiple display options can be viewed at once, overlaid onto one another. So get those fingers ready to explore some molecules!

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