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February 01, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 3)

Draw MD, General Surgery (developer: UrologyMatch)

  • Beautiful graphics, easy to use, very functional
  • None
Platform: iPad  
Cost: Free

This is an amazing app, and it is only one of a collection of equally impressive apps. The Draw MD series is intended to facilitate discussions between patients and their surgeons through the use of clear illustrations of the procedures to be performed. The app contains a number of background images (for the general surgery app these include, for example, the thyroid, abdominal cavity, and superficial anatomy) onto which users can freely draw, add text, or add stamp images such as syringes. Users can upload their own images if the app does not contain a suitable background. A header with spaces to fill in a title, date, physician’s name, phone number, and notes accompanies each new drawing. Upon completion, the drawing can be printed or emailed. Very functional and smart, the Draw MD apps are no doubt invaluable resources to physicians and their patients.

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