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November 15, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 20)


  • Up-to-date event listings
  • Underutilized forum

Brainhack.org provides a home for collaborative coding projects focusing on the brain. The homepage features short descriptions of proposed or completed projects, with many focusing on improving neuroimaging data collection and analysis. The website also contains updates for upcoming events, such as hackathons in countries around the world. There is also a forum feature to facilitate easy communication among projects and participants, but unfortunately it hasn’t been used within the past two years. The website is a good attempt to create a collaborative environment to promote coding projects for neuroscience, and provides a useful resource for programmers and researchers hoping to find events where they can collaborate in person. Brainhack.org will surely continue to bring computer scientists and neuroscientists together as the fields become more and more closely intertwined.

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