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GEN Presents An Educational And Informative Webinar

Optimizing the Quality and Accuracy of Biopharmaceutical Analysis and Characterization

  • Broadcast Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
  • Time: 11AM EST, 8AM PST



Biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars are highly complex, heterogeneous drugs that require a high level of analytical scrutiny. Their analysis often requires time-consuming development of one-of-a kind methods, with variable results. Collaborations between endusers and analytical platform developers has facilitated customization, adaptation, and optimization of tools traditionally used for small molecules analysis to characterization of biomolecules.

During this webinar, two expert panelists, Galahad Deperalta, protein analytical chemistry, Genentech, and Mike Kimzey, Ph.D., senior scientist, ProZyme, will present optimized analytical workflows for the characterization of biotherapeutics. Mr. Deperalta will explain the benefits of customizing HPLC hardware specifically for decreasing instrument interaction with proteins through working closely with hardware manufacturers, leveraging their experience and expertise in biomolecular analysis. The primary example will focus on how a completely inert chromatographic flow path can improve charge variant analysis of monoclonal antibodies using weak cation exchange columns. The benefits of close interactions between the instrument developer and applications scientists in customizing workflows for specific applications will also be discussed.

Dr. Kimzey will discuss assessing variability of an innovator glycan profile for development of a biosimilar. He will present rituximab and bevacizumab glycan profile data generated with GlykoPrep-plus application on Agilent’s AssayMAP Bravo automated liquid handler. ProZyme and Agilent are collaborating to develop automated, high-precision workflows for glycan analysis.

In this Webinar You Will Learn

  • How the importance of monoclonal antibody charge heterogeneity affects product efficacy and stability 
  • How the Agilent 1260 Bio-inert LC system improves ion exchange chromatography of monoclonal antibodies
  • How automated biopharmaceutical sample preparation can improve workflow efficiency and data precision 
  • How GlykoPrep-plus can be used with the Agilent AssayMAP platform to rapidly provide labeled N-glycans for analysis and characterization

Who Should Attend

  • Analytical scientists developing biotherapeutics
  • Protein biochemists
  • QC/QA scientists working with recombinant proteins
  • Protein/biological peptide mass spectroscopists

A live Q&A session will follow the presentations, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.



  • Galahad Deperalta,
  • Scientist
  • Protein Analytical Chemistry
  • Genentech
  • Mike Kimzey, Ph.D.
  • Senior Scientist
  • ProZyme


  • Tamlyn Oliver
  • Managing Editor
  • Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

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