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Gene Expression Analysis and Biomarker Discovery Using The Human Protein Atlas

  • Broadcast Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2014
  • Time: 11:00 am ET, 8:00 am PT, 5:00 pm CET



Antibody-based proteomics provides a powerful tool for the functional study of the human proteome involving the systematic generation of protein-specific affinity reagents. This approach was used by participants in the Human Protein Atlas Project (HPA) to construct a comprehensive, antibody-based protein atlas for expression and localization profiles in multiple normal human tissues and cancers.

The Human Protein Atlas portal provides a publicly available database with millions of high-resolution images showing the spatial distribution of proteins.

Just released in its 12th edition, the HPA contains antibody-based protein data for more than 80% of the human protein-coding genes as well as RNA expression data for more than 90% of these genes. Developed in a gene-centric manner, the database includes all human genes predicted from genome efforts. Search functionalities allow for complex queries regarding protein expression profiles, protein classes, and chromosome location.

Atlas Antibodies was established to manufacture and distribute the antibodies used to develop HPA to the research community worldwide. Atlas Antibodies provides these antibodies along with application-specific validation performed for each antibody, including immunohistochemistry, Western blot analysis, protein array assay, and immunofluorescent-based confocal microscopy.

Webinar participants will discuss the overall structure and content of the HPA and its four sub-atlases including the Normal Tissue Atlas, which contains information on protein expression in normal tissues; the Subcellular Atlas, which provides data on protein subcellular localization; the Cancer Atlas, which covers protein expression across different types of cancer; and the Cell Line Atlas, which contains protein expression information for different cell lines.

What You Will Learn

  • How antibodies developed for HPA can be used for tumor protein analysis
  • How to determine differentially expressed proteins in normal and diseased tissue
  • How novel protein prognostic panels can be developed for specific cancers
  • How affinity proteomics strategy using affinity-purified antibodies raised against recombinant human protein fragments was carried out for chromosome-wide protein profiling
  • How the transcriptome and proteome can be defined in functionally distinct cell lines
  • How novel biomarkers can be discovered using antibodies distributed by Atlas Antibodies

Who Should Attend

  • Oncologists
  • Pathologists
  • Protein biochemists
  • Molecular biologists
  • Biomanufacturers
  • Immunologists
  • Antibody developers
  • Cell biologists

A live Q&A session will follow the presentations, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.



  • Fredrik Pontén, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Professor of Pathology, Uppsala University
  • Clinical Director of the Human Protein Atlas
  • Henrik Wernérus, Ph.D.
  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Atlas Antibodies


  • John Sterling
  • Editor in Chief
  • Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

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