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Accelerating Precision Medicine with Efficient Drug Sensitivity Screening

  • Broadcast Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2013
  • Time: 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT, 4 PM BST, 5 PM CEST



Recently identified associations between variants of cancer genes and drug resistance have increased the value for comprehensive drug sensitivity screening in combination with molecular profiling of cancer cells. In cancer research, the information from drug sensitivity screening is often used to improve the precision of therapy offered to patients. This can involve treatment with repurposed therapeutics, novel therapeutics, or combinations of therapeutics. Comparison of drug sensitivity information along with the molecular profile of certain cancer cells can enable the identification of underlying genetic links to drug resistance.

As these programs are scaled up, operational costs to prepare samples and perform screening can become rate limiting—delaying treatment decisions. Researchers have found that miniaturization from the use of acoustic liquid handling instead of traditional methods has increased the overall efficiency of drug sensitivity screening by lowering costs while improving data quality and throughput. This webinar will review an implementation of the Echo® liquid handler for high-throughput drug sensitivity screening at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Finland.

During this webinar, Dr. Wennerberg will describe the use of this technology in translational research programs utilizing data from drug. His discussion will include descriptions of the equipment and methods used to efficiently automate drug sensitivity screening, the implementation of acoustic liquid handling technology, and the impact of this technology on screening efficiency and data quality.

What You Will Learn

  • How acoustic liquid handling can help drive precision medical treatments based on high-throughput drug sensitivity and resistance screening
  • How acoustic liquid handling can generate better data and drive down screening costs
  • How the Echo liquid handler can impact applications in genomics, proteomics, and drug discovery

Who Should Attend

  • Research scientists who are interested in developing or improving a drug sensitivity screening workflow
  • Research scientists interested in the use of acoustic liquid handling for workflows in cancer research and personalized or precision medicine
  • Automation engineers interested in the incorporation of the Echo liquid handler into fully automated screening systems
  • High throughput screening professionals in the cancer research industry

A live Q&A session will follow the presentations, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.



  • Krister Wennerberg, Ph.D.,
  • Unit Head
  • High Throughput Biomedicine Unit
  • Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
  • Brad Nelson,
  • Senior Director of Marketing and Applications
  • Labcyte Inc.


  • Tamlyn Oliver
  • Managing Editor
  • Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

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