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GEN videos are informative, entertaining, and encompass all aspects of biotechnology.

Labs Make Beautiful Music

This video from Life Technologies was created using 31 common lab sounds from five continents and a total of nine labs.

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  • Meet GEN's Publisher Mary Ann Liebert

    Mary Ann Liebert launched her company in 1980. Along with GEN, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishes more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific journals. She has received numerous awards and accolades for contributions in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences.

  • GEN Touch: A New App For Our Readers

    The new GEN Touch app lets you keep up with the latest biotech news and insights on your smart phone or tablet. We've designed versions for quick and easy reading on Apple and Android devices, to help you stay in the know wherever you go.

  • Life Tech Scientists Conduct 10 Wacky Experiments in Under Three Minutes

    Warning: Don't try these at home! Watch two Life Tech Scientists conduct 10 experiments in less than three minutes. 

  • Sharon Terry & Genetic Alliance

    Sharon Terry, president and CEO of Genetic Alliance, discusses how, after her two children were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, she dedicated her life to creating systems-level solutions that will alleviate burdens for consumers and build opportunities for them to be empowered in their own healthcare.

    For more on Terry and Genetic Alliance, be sure to check out “In Genetic Haystacks, We’re All Needles” by Mitzi Perdue, from the sixth issue of Clinical OMICs.

  • A Test In Focus—Thyroglobulin Mass Spectrometry, Serum

    A new test provides clinicians with an accurate measurement of serum thyroglobulin in patients with known or suspected anti-thyroglobulin autoantibodies or heterophilic antibodies. This video from the Mayo Clinic presents a summary of the test's details and a five-minute video interview with Stefan Grebe, M.D., Ph.D.

    For more on how proteomics is having an impact on diagnostics, be sure to check out “Medically, Proteomics Advances Will Rival the Genetics Advances of the Last Ten Years” by Mitzi Perdue, from the fifth issue of Clinical OMICs.

  • Exosomes: The Next Small Thing

    Life Technologies, now part of Thermo Scientific, asked 10 prominent scientists to share their thoughts on science and in particular the field of exosome research. This video is part one of a six-part video-series that tells the story and history of this exciting new area of research, and its impact on other research fields such as cancer and immunology. 

    For more on exosomes, be sure to check out “Harnessing the Power of Exosomes” by Johan Skog, Ph.D., from the fourth issue of Clinical OMICs.

  • The 100K Wellness Project

    Lee Hood, M.D., Ph.D., president of the Institute for Systems Biology, spells out his vision for the 100K Wellness Project, which was launched in March of 2014. For more on the project, be sure to check out "Promoting Wellness & Demystifying Disease: The 100K Project," written by Dr. Hood and Nathan D. Price, Ph.D., from the third issue of Clinical OMICs.

  • GENESIS™ Precision Genome Editing with CRISPR and rAAV

    Horizon Discovery offers both nuclease based gene editing using CRISPR technology and homologous recombination based editing using rAAV. Horizon Discovery's GENESIS™ platform offers gene editing with CRISPR, rAAV and ZFN technologies. Learn more about these approaches and how they can be used to engineer your cell line.

  • DNA: Past to the Present

    In celebration of DNA day on April 25, GEN presents this video timeline spanning more than 140 years of the history of DNA.

  • Transfection: Milestones in Nucleic Acid Delivery

    A video timeline spanning more than 30 years of the history of transfection.

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