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GEN videos are informative, entertaining, and encompass all aspects of biotechnology.

Great Women of Science

In the spirit of Ada Lovelace Day, we’ve compiled a video portraying 25 pioneering women of science.

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  • Crash Course: DNA Structure and Replication

    An introduction to molecule deoxyribonucleic acid—also known as DNA—and an explanation of how it replicates itself in our cells.

  • Careers in Biotechnology

    Explore various careers in biotechnology, with perspectives offered by Pfizer employees.

  • Blood-Cleansing Biospleen Developed

    Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute discover a new breakthrough in the battle against pathogens—nano magnets that can clean the blood.

  • Ebola: Prevention and Containment

    Diagnostics analyst Aish Vivekanadan with Frost & Sullivan's global Life Sciences practices sheds light on why Ebola is so hard to treat, currently available diagnostic tests, companies pursuing other tests and the roadblocks in the way of progress.

  • GEN Touch: Stay in the Know Wherever You Go

    Introducing GEN Touch, a new app lets you keep up with the latest biotech news and insights on your smart phone or tablet. We've designed versions for quick and easy reading on Apple and Android devices.

  • Andrew Jenner's Take on The Value of Innovation

    In this video, Andrew Jenner, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations' executive director, corporate strategy & legal affairs, gives the pharmaceutical industry perspective on innovation. Despite the growing scientific, IP, and regulatory challenges of the past decades, over 340 new drugs have been introduced since 2002 to treat different chronic and nonchronic diseases. This can be considered as a big success story. Watch the video to find out why.

  • Bringing Biotechnology into the Home

    Cathal Garvey, creator of the blog Indie Biotech, is on a mission to spread DIYbio. He wants to provide biotechnology tools, materials, and learning resources to individuals worldwide. Cathal provides affordable, open-source-DNA development platforms, kits, and strains for beginners to learn the engineering of bacteria easily, and perhaps later to facilitate engineering of plants and simple bugs.

  • Meet GEN's Publisher Mary Ann Liebert

    Mary Ann Liebert launched her company in 1980. Along with GEN, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishes more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific journals. She has received numerous awards and accolades for contributions in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences.

  • GEN Touch: A New App For Our Readers

    The new GEN Touch app lets you keep up with the latest biotech news and insights on your smart phone or tablet. We've designed versions for quick and easy reading on Apple and Android devices, to help you stay in the know wherever you go.

  • Life Tech Scientists Conduct 10 Wacky Experiments in Under Three Minutes

    Warning: Don't try these at home! Watch two Life Tech Scientists conduct 10 experiments in less than three minutes. 

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