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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Assay Plate


The 96-well cellular label-free assay plate for the EnSpire® label-free multimode plate reader platform is designed to support basic life science research as well as assay development applications. The plate requires no assays; each well of the microplate contains an optical sensor, so workfl...

Automated Electrophoresis Systems


The LabChip GX Touch and GXII Touch reduce hands-on time and simplify data generation via a user-friendly operator touch screen. LabChip’s key feature is its automation of conventional gel electrophoresis, eliminating the need for manual sample preparation. The platform provide...

Automated Gamma Counter


The Wizard2 Automated Gamma Counter features a user-friendly interface system with a package of technology advancements for nuclear medicine and pharmaceutical researchers who conduct radiometric immunoassays, chromium-release studies, and PET research. The WIZARD® Gamma Counter was re-engineered to...

Bioimaging System


The Geliance™ 1000 Imaging System is a new addition to the Geliance family of high-performance bioimaging systems. With optional advanced illumination design, it quickly and accurately captures images of multiplexed 2-D gels for a wide array of white light, fluorescence, and chemiluminescence applic...

Bioluminescence Imaging System


The IVIS SpectrumBL high-throughput 2D and 3D optical imaging system has been developed to improve efficiencies in preclinical small animal imaging studies by increasing in vivo throughput for drug efficacy, safety, and toxicology. The system can simultaneously image up to 10 mice with g...

cAMP Assay


The LANCE cAMP Assay allows researchers to measure cAMP produced by whole cells or membrane receptors stimulated with GPCR agonists and antagonists with more sensitivity and precision for outstanding productivity.The LANCE™ cAMP assay combines homogeneous TR-FRET technology with red-shifted Alexa® F...

CGH & Gene Expression Platforms


The Comprehensive Solution (CS™) Autoplex Gene Expression Platform and the Spectral Genomics Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) Platform provide tools for improving gene-expression validation, molecular karyotyping, and genome profiling. The CS Autoplex Custom Gene Expression Panel Kit en...

Chemical Structure Searching Sofware


Based on the ChemDraw® drawing tool, the chemical intelligence in Lead Discovery 5.1 provides scientists using TIBCO Spotfire® software with chemical structure searching and visualization. Users can filter experimental datasets by chemical structure and pinpoint structural features and sc...

Chromatographic Photo Diode Array Detector


The PDA Plus™, a member of the Flexar™ liquid chromatography product family, is a detector that delivers two- and three-dimensional chromatographic information. The detector offers high sampling speeds, a good detection range, high data acquisition rates, a liquid core waveguide for r...

Compliance Software


NexION® Enhanced Security™ (ES) software is designed to streamline regulatory compliance by pharmaceutical companies. The ES Software platform was developed for users of the NexION 300 ICP-MS system. The NexION ES software platform ensures the integrity of electronic data records that a...